My Vampire System

Chapter 27 Soul Weapon

Chapter 27 Soul Weapon

After absorbing all the blood tubes apart from the spare one that contained Layla’s blood, Quinn was feeling stronger than ever.

\u003c Name: Quinn Talen\u003e

\u003c Race: Half-Ling \u003e

\u003cHP 15/15\u003e

\u003c 110/200 \u003e

\u003c Strength 12 \u003e

\u003c Agility 12 \u003e

\u003c Stamina 11 \u003e

If Quinn’s body before was that of a top athlete in the past, then Quinn now surpassed the capabilities of regular human power. But he was still weak compared to those with an ability. Lucky for Quinn, it seemed like Rylee and the other two students weren’t very good fighters.

In Quinn’s old school, he would get into fights all the time regardless of what ability they had. He saw how the others got bullied more than him, while the bullying for him lessened because they knew he was a target that would bite back.

But because of this, Quinn managed to get a good grasp on how people fought and a good grasp on different abilities. If Quinn was to face a level two user who was good with their ability like Layla, at this point it was still most likely he would lose.

What Quinn needed more than ever was more skills he could use. Blood swipe was great but it only had a distance of five meters and it took away his health. With other abilities, you would be able to obtain new skills by purchasing books or being taught by someone who already knew the skill.

Quinn didn’t have this option as there was no one who he knew that had the same ability as him and that, of course, meant there were no skill books either.

Before Layla and Quinn split ways to head back to their dorm rooms, Quinn had one last request.

"Do you know about what happened to Vorden?" Quinn asked.

"Oh your blonde friend," Layla replied, "Honestly I don’t know too much cause when everything happened I was stuck in the hospital bed because of someone." Layla pointed at Quinn.

Quinn laughed nervously.

"Well, do you mind finding out for me, it seems like the second years are behind this and are stopping me and Peter from getting any information."

"The second years are involved in this? Well, that’s not good you’re not planning to get involved, are you?" Layla asked concerned.

Quinn thought back to when the second years had called Quinn, Peter and Vorden out. That Momo person had warned them not to disturb the system within the school.

Quinn wanted to punch his face in but at the time he couldn’t. But now with this ability, he could grow stronger, without the need of help or relying on others and he couldn’t wait for the day he could punch that Momo’s smug face in.

"Yeah but I need to get stronger of course"

There was one big difference between the second years and first years and that was something called awakening. The second years had learnt how to awaken their ability. This allowed the user regardless of the power level to get a power boost for a short period of time.

Once a user had awakened, they then also could form something called their soul weapon. A powerful weapon unique to each user that was formed in the body itself. This was different from a beast weapon as a beast weapon could be used by anyone.

After finishing everything he needed to do with Layla, the two of them split up and Quinn said he would contact Layla via his watch when he needed her.

Quinn also kept the test tube containing Layla’s blood on him. What he needed to do now was figure out how long his body could go without needing blood. If Quinn was to go out on a mission or through a portal to another planet. There might be times where Quinn wouldn’t be able to contact someone for a while.

In these situations, he needed to know how many Test tubes of blood to take with him. So, for now, Quinn would do his best to avoid blood until the system message appeared again. If he fought anyone along the way he could keep their blood for after. He didn’t want to waste any precious stat points after all.

Quinn headed back to his dorm room where Vorden and Peter where still practising their Earth abilities.

"I did it, I finally did it!" Peter shouted.

Peter held a small round solid lump of mud in his hand. As he moved his hands, he was able to change the shape of the mud. He turned it from a ball into a long staff. Then back into a ball again.

"The only problem is as a level one user, you will need to keep some type of mud on you at all times," Vorden explained. "Perhaps it’s best you keep it as a round staff and carry it around with you, then you will always have something to take with you."

Vorden then grabbed the mud and started to demonstrate, He did the same thing as Peter and started to change the Mudball into different shapes. But the difference between speeds was noticeable. While Peter took a long time to form the shape he wanted. Vorden was changing the mud in seconds.

"Wow is this cause you’re a level five user Vorden?" Peter asked.

"No this is something you should be able to do as well, it just takes practise. When I copy someone’s ability, I also copy whatever power level it is at. So everything I can do with this mud you should be able to as well." nÊw st𝒐ries at n𝒐/vel/b/i/n(.)co𝒎

Vorden then turned the Mudball into a sharp dagger and placed it up against Peter’s neck.

"See, not so useless after all."

Peter gulped as he looked down at the sword but then realised that Vorden had already changed the balls shape into a harmless stick and handed it back to Peter.

"Oh, Quinn your back," Vorden said smiling. "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah, a little bit," Quinn said.

"Vorden here said you got a girlfriend." Peter quickly added.

"What!?" Quinn said.

"You know that girl that was with us at the testing that time."

"Oh her, no we’re just..." Quinn started to think about what his relationship with Layla was. He wouldn’t exactly call them friends and they defiantly weren’t lovers. Layla did almost everything Quinn asked without answers. It was almost a master and servant relationship but If Quinn said that they would defiantly get the wrong idea.

"Were just acquaintances, I was talking about how she got to use her weapon and discussing what classes to take since I won’t be going to the elemental class with you two."

"Oh, so you finally decided then?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, I’m going to join the beast weapons class."

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